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acupuncture in charleston mt pleasanr sc

acupuncture in mt. pleasant sc



As many know here in Charleston, allergies are not necessarily just seasonal. Unfortunately many people suffer year round, but there are some things that can be done.  Allergies are very treatable using a combination of acupuncture, chinese herbs, and nutrtional therapy.


Here's how it works:In Chinese medical theory, the body's immune system is referred to as wei qi (way chee). it is the force that exists on your skin, keeping your pores closed tightly so that foreign pathogens don't invade.  When a person's wei qi is weak, they are easily succombed by a variety of allergens. Acupuncture and herbs can help strenthen your body's wei qi in order to keep you better protected. Acupuncture will also force the pathogen out of your body. The treatment will vary according to what type of pathogen is ailing you.


Allergens in Chinese medicine are referred to as some form of "wind."  There are different types of wind, and the presentation of your illness will reflect that. For example, one category is wind and heat.  This type affects people in warmer seasons such as spring and summer, and produces such symptoms as scanty yellowish-green mucus, nasal congestion and sinus headaches.  The wind and cold wind category will show its face in the fall and winter more often, and presents with a more clear nasal discharges, sneezing, perhaps a cough with clear sputum. Finally, the wind and damp category (which can also mix with heat and cold) will produce copious amounts of mucus, whether it be clear or yellowish. 


Nutritionally one should avoid any dairy during an acute attack of allergies. Dairy turns into mucus in the body and will exacerbate the problem. Herbs will be prescribed based upon what type of allergies are presenting, and don't have to be taken indefinately. Usually one or two treatments are enough to clear up the allergies. Mainenance treatments to boost wei qi is encouraged a few times a year.

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