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Sarah has dedicated her life to serving the Charleston area by providing natural solutions for individual medical concerns. Treatment is an effective alternative to a medical culture reliant on pharmacology. As such, our solutions are drug and side-effect free.


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Sarah Stowers, L.Ac​, C.SMA, DIPL. OM

Sarah graduated from Southwest Acupuncture College in Boulder, CO with a Master of Science in Oriental Medicine degree. She completed an extensive course of study with over 3,045 hours of training in acupuncture, herbal medicine, physical therapy and exercise/breathing therapy.


Sarah also completed a training course of Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture from the renowned Heilongjiang University, in Harbin China. She completed over 105 clinical hours, under the supervision of some the world's finest Chinese Medical doctors.


She has also completed multiple Sports Acupuncture Training Programs, offering the most advanced acupuncture treatment in Sports Medicine and Orthopedics. She is a licensed practitioner of Sports Medicine Acupuncture, C.SMA®. This is an approach that closely integrates both eastern and western philosophies towards the treatment of pain and disease. 

Sarah currently has two wonderful acupuncture practices in Charleston, SC. She works in close conjunction with chiropractors, massage therapists, medical doctors and other health providers in order to create an effective healing experience for her patients.




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Heather Glenn Taylor, LMT

As a orthopedic PTA for over 17 years, Heather worked closely with orthopedic surgeons, chiropractors, sports medicine practitioners and family physicians. 

Her specialty certifications include wound care/WCC,  spinal care (cervical spine and SI joints in particular), vestibular care, Cupping, Kinesiotaping, and ASTYM (a tool assisted manual therapy technique for pain, scar tissue release, and improved healing of sprains and strains).  She also has several certificates in Integrated Neuromuscular Facilitation/trigger point release.


Building upon her manual therapy skills, Heather transitioned to massage therapy in 2020, completing a 500 hour course.  She blends her own essential oil scents for aromatherapy, and also uses a specific massage style that can be adapted from gentle and relaxing to very deep.  This style resembles the ebb and flow of ocean waves, similar to lomilomi massage, and typically includes gentle stretching.  Her massages also utilize the practice of entrainment to induce a meditative state during the massage.  This has the potential to improve relaxation, decrease stress, promote better sleep and diminish pain. 

Heather is trained in Swedish Massage, Neuromuscular Release and Sports Medicine Massage. 

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