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What to Expect


The road to health is a process. The process is most effective when a good relationship exists between the pratitioner and patient. We take the time to get to know our clients, hear their concerns, and discuss their goals. With a holistic approach, together we can work to create a comprehensive plan for healing and wellness.


New patients are always welcome!

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Before Your Appointment


1. Wear comfortable clothes that can easily be removed or slide along your limbs. During a treatment, we might need to access various parts of your body, usually arms, legs, abdomen and back.

2. Eat something light an hour before your treatment. If your blood sugar is low, you will not respond as quickly to the acupuncture treatments. Avoid heavy meals and alcohol prior to the treatment-these can interfere both with the diagnosis and the treatment.

3. Avoid vigorous exercise and sex for at least one hour before treatment. These activites can mask important indicators that are necessary to make an accurate diagnosis.

4. Please refrain from wearing lotions, oils and strong perfumes or colognes the day of your treatment. Again, they can mask important diagnostic indicators.

After Your Appointment 


1. Plan to rest and relax after your treatment.  If at all possible, eat lightly, spend time in quiet activities and allow your body to heal.

2. If you must return to activity right away, avoid food, sex, and vigorous exercise for at least one hour. Above all, avoid alcohol and heavy meals. All of these can interrupt the flow of vital energy, which has been released during your treatment.

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acupuncture in mt. pleasant sc
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