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Why Herbal Therapy?


Chinese herbal therapy is natural, safe and effective. Like acupuncture, the goal of herbal therapy is to treat the cause of your illness, rather than mask the symptoms of it. Not all, but many pharmaceuticals are prescribed for a lifetime. In most cases i believe this is unnecessary. Using a combination of acupuncture, herbs, diet and lifestyle advice will fix any imbalances in the body, or at least moderate them.

acupuncture in mt. pleasant sc
Common Conditions

Many ailments can successfully be treated with herbal supplements and acupuncture. These conditions include: cold/flu/allergies, digestive problems, insomnia, pain (acute and chronic), low energy, depression and anxiety, headaches, infertility and urinary dysfx.

acupuncture in mt. pleasant sc
Forms of Treatment

There are different forms of herbs such as pre-packaged pills, powders, tinctures, and raw herbs boiled into a tea. The raw herbs and powders are the most potent, however not necessarily the most tasty.  At Charleston Acupuncture, we offer  pill form only.

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