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Migraines & Headaches


Migraines have a number of root causes, but are sometimes misdiagnosed.  Muscles can be sore on your head such as your temporalis (near your temple) from grinding your teeth during sleep, or from stress.  Pain on the posterior skull can be caused by cold wind hitting the back of your neck, or some form of disorder to your upper spine.   Essentially instead of a migraine it could just be musculoskeletal pain on your head.  On the other hand pain on your forehead could be caused by a food allergy, or a poor diet.


Head trauma, allergies, and even autoimmune conditions can cause migraines or headaches.  There are many more pathomechanisms that cause headaches, an acupuncturist will do a full evaluation to find the proper diagnosis and determine cwhat the root cause is.


Headaches/ Migraines have been heavily researched by the NIH and acupuncture has been proven to help.  


Most of the time needles don’t even need to be placed on your head, but rather your hands and feet.


Herbs are also a good alternative for relief from pain from headaches and migraines as well.  They are prescribed in pill, tincture, granule, or raw forms.  


Dietary deficiencies, and allergies should also be considered regarding the cause.

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