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At Charleston Acupuncture, our practitoners work hard to provide our clients with the highest level of medical care. We strive to deliver treatments that are tailored to each individual. To ensure the best results, we are always seeking the perspective of our patients. 


Your appointment with us should be an effective step toward healing. Charleston Acupuncture invites you to: take a look at our testimonials, share your experience, and come see for yourself!

Knowledgeable, Professional & Friendly

I am a Charleston Accupuncture patient and have been for several years. I initially received treatment for a couple complex health issues, but over time continued to see them for acute episodes like colds, strep throat, yeast infections and UTI’s, and general relaxation and stress management. I have friends who see Charleston Accupuncture for migraines with great success. I can’t say enough good things about Sarah and her team, and how knowledgeable, professional and friendly they are to work with. -- AQ

My knee is back!

I want to thank you very much for the treatment to my knee. I went to 2 doctors, 4 physical therapy sessions and had an MRI but they could not accomplish what you did in 6 sessions. I have no more pain in the knee and do not get the sharp pains I was getting before your treatments. I am now able to ride my bike, jog, use the elyptical at the gym and kick my heavy bag with zero pain. Thank you for my knee back!


My only regret is I procrastinated for over a year before seeing you! I would have saved alot of money and time seeing you at first.

--J.R. B

Sarah is the best

Sarah's manners and care made the acupuncture session enjoyable.  I felt an improvement after the session too. She is simply the best.--Don R.

Relief from migraines

I had suffered from migraines for about four years. Nothing was working to completely take the pain away. I began seeing an acupuncturist named Sarah Stowers. I received about four treatments for the issue and have not had a migraine since.


Excellent Technique

I can’t recommend Sarah highly enough! I injured my elbow, causing pain and limiting my ability to work and play. After 3 months of no real improvement, I went to see Sarah, and after 3 treatments, my elbow was back to normal, and it has stayed that way! I enjoyed Sarah’s kindness and genuine concern, and her excellent needling technique!  -- RR

Sarah successfully treated the problems

I came to Sarah with multiple issues ( runners knee, plantar fascia and IT band ) while training for a Spartan race. She successfully treated the problems and with her treatment and advice I was able to get back in the gym and post a personal best in the race.  She was head and shoulders above the conventional specialists I had visited

-- GM 

Sores no more!

I have been struggling with sores on my legs since October of 2009. My husband had it for years and I some how got this lucky nasty, annoying and embarrassing ailment. After countless attempts at washes, antibiotics and ointments through my dermatologist for four years, I finally went to a disease control specialist at MUSC. I saw three doctors there in 2013 and they told me it was probably staph but we couldn't get a definite positive test back....mainly b/c i was I on so many antibiotics. They told me even if it was definitely a staph infection there was not much I can do. Finally, I turned to Sarah....I had waited way too long. After three session of acupuncture, along with the herbal wash,  I went from eleven lesions to six. And then from six to three after two more sessions. After six total sessions I was down to two lesions and I was shocked and thrilled. No side affects, no down time, no expensive prescriptions. I have told anybody who will listen about my experience...including my doctors. Amazing. I am very thankful.   

--Catherine V.

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